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Nursing & Rehabilitation Services at Woodhaven

The Woodhaven Retirement Community is certified by Medicare to provide 24 hour skilled nursing and rehabilitation services. Most Medicare recipients who have been hospitalized for a minimum of three days are eligible for post hospital recovery services at Woodhaven; and Medicare pays not only for the care, but also for the room and the meals.

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Skilled Nursing Care

Our licensed, skilled nurses also work with Medicaid and Medicare patients

Woodhaven's nursing care includes services and supplies as ordered by a physician or other provider to promote the recovery of the nursing home resident from an illness, disease or injury. Professional medical services are administered by licensed nurses 24 hours a day and 24 hour care with all activities of daily living is provided by certified nursing assistants. Further support for all nursing care giving staff is provided 24/7 by an administrative nurse. All care and treatments are ordered and supervised by Woodhaven’s osteopathic physican or medical doctor, both of whom visit weekly. Additional professional medical services are provided by the nurse practitioner who visits three times each week. The nurse practitioner also serves as a liaison between staff, the physician and interested family members, enhancing and facilitating prompt communication and coordination of health care services.

Medicare Certified Rehabilitation

Our rehabilitation services include occupational, physical, and speech therapy

In addition to nursing services, Medicare certified rehabilitation services are provided on both an in-patient and an out-patient basis. Those services include:

  1. Occupational Therapy - treatment by means of constructive activities designed and adapted to promote the restoration of the person's ability to satisfactorily accomplish the ordinary tasks of daily living and those required by the person's particular occupational role after such ability has been impaired by disease, injury of loss of a body part.
  2. Physical Therapy - treatment by physical means, hydrotherapy, heat or similar modalities, physical agents, biomechanical and neurophysiological principles and devices to relieve pain, restore maximum function and prevent disability following disease, injury or loss of body part.
  3. Speech Therapy - treatment for the restoration of speech impaired by disease, surgery, or injury.

Woodhaven contracts with five separate Hospice organizations and makes hospice services available in skilled nursing, as well as in assisted living and memory services.