The Woodhaven Retirement Community is the only full service Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) in Livonia, Michigan offering every level of care. Services include independent living apartments with a la carte services, licensed care in assisted living apartments, memory services in a totally secured environment, skilled nursing care, rehabilitation and adult day services. Woodhaven is proud to partner with Agility Health in offering high quality rehabilitative services and post-acute care.

Our Testimonials

Five years ago mom fell and broke her sacrum in 2 places. She came to Woodhaven for rehab and actually was able to walk again using a walker after therapy. She was 90 years old. Unfortunately she also had a quick mental decline and stayed in the Memory Care unit after her therapy. The staff were incredible. They were patient and kind even though mom was a handful. I would visit daily and the aides would tell me to "just enjoy mom and we will take care of any problems." When she was hospitalized they even came to visit her there. The last few days of her life I stayed with mom. The staff made sure my needs were met, bringing me food and coffee and sitting down to offer support. I could not have asked for a more caring group of people to be watching over mom. Thank you for all of your kindness and support.

Such wonderful and helpful care at such a difficult time. Thanks to all of you!

After experiencing 3 other locations in the same general geographical area, we can definitely say Woodhaven far outranks the others in attention to residents, caring attitude, environment, activities, and communication between us and staff regarding my 95 year old mom-in-law. Thanks!!

I live in the Woodpointe independent apartments. Moving here 6 years ago was a wise decision; no more stairs to walk on my arthritic knees. Washer/dryer in apartment, only 22 apartments so I've gotten to know all my neighbors, good food, monthly activities, beautiful grounds for walking, a great place to live.

Positive, up beat, and encouraging.

This place brings so much joy to my mother. She loves being here,its the highlight of her day. Thank yu so much to the best staff ive ever seen.

April D. Colston

A really nice place with a nice staff.............

No experience for myself but my brother wanted me to like it and I am all for it. Blessings and prayers, Bill Steffen

I have found a great environment for my father that I love and he loves.Such a blessing

Woodhaven is caring and compassionate. Not only did they provide Mom with the therapies she needed, they also kept her busy with games, current events and field trips! They are truly a community!
When her brother died. they made sure she had support and got her ready (hair done and all) to be able to attend visitation at the funeral home.

I recommend it and have found it to provide very good care in both the assisted living and the nursing sections. It is clean, well-maintained, and in a quiet wooden area. But it is hard to find on the first trip since it is down a small side street. There are many activities and meals are generally acceptable, sometimes great, sometimes not.

I visited Woodhaven Retirement Community in November 2011. In general, I thought Woodhaven Retirement Community to the best retirement community that I have ever visited. It is the only continuing care Retirement community in Livonia, Michigan. Woodhaven Retirement Community is primarily a faith based community where active seniors can actually live in luxury and elegance. The grounds of the facility are heavily wooded and secluded acres of land in the heart of Livonia, Michigan on the far west side of Detroit, Michigan most fluent suburb. The common areas of the Retirement community is beautiful, lovely, lively and it also offers a combination of major benefits of the metropolitan area that is also blended with the peaceful retreat of living in a very quiet secluded, and fast pace of the city as well. The only sounds surrounding the beautiful retirement community are the birds chirping, the gentle breeze rustling against the leaves in addition to the city of Livonia, Michigan is a very senior friendly community that any senior would appreciate. The residents'apartments are fit for a Royal Family to reside in with the elegance and luxuries that will make your eyes spin fifty miles an hour trying to accommodate the elegant décor and furniture at the same time. The staff and management of the facility are very loving, caring, and professional and team, task oriented in their job duties and performances and they treat their residents like family. I know that the residents receive excellent care there. I would have to rank this resort on a five stars rating in its expertise and excellence for senior living and retirement. While I was there, I noticed that the entire facility was just fit for a Royal Family to live in and their residents were enjoying their luxury living life styles at the resort is what I call it. I wanted to live there too I just didn't want to leave. The residents were enjoying themselves in their apartments' and other areas of the facility also it is just too gorgeous for words. I would recommend this resort to every senior and any senior that would love to live in elegance and luxury for the rest of their life. I know that they would love it there and I know that they would do excellent there.

Woodhaven is located near us. They have independent living apartments, and it seemed really nice. We liked its atmosphere. They have a bus that takes residents once a week to the grocery store, the bank, or the pharmacy, and to other places that you would ask to go, but they have a schedule. The best thing about it is that my father-in-law will be able to cook his own meals, if he decides to move in there. They also have a garage where he can park his car.

My mother and father lived in the Woodhaven apartments for a number of years until they were unable to care for themselves. They both moved to the skilled nursing facility at Woodhaven when they needed additional care. The facility provided loving Christian care and my parents enjoyed the lovely wooded setting.

The overall rating is based on a nursing home's performance on 3 sources: health inspections, staffing, and quality of resident care measures.

Mom has been living at Woodhaven for 4 years. I cannot say enough about the staff and facility. The grounds are beautiful and secure. Staff members greet residents by name and show genuine concern for them. Facility is clean and cheerful. Food needs to be tweaked and less empty carbs should be the rule. Management is willing to listen. I would give this facility an "Outstanding" rating if they would work on their menus. Otherwise, I highly recommend Woodhaven as a secure, loving home.

My Mom needed help with both dementia and health care. I did not make an appointment I just showed up. I only had to wait a short time before someone from admissions came to talk with me. I was given a tour of the facility while I waited. Everyone was very welcoming.

They did not seem at all put out that I just showed up. I did not feel at all rushed. We discussed my moms needs and then decided what area would work best for her. Having visited several long term care facilities, what I appreciated the most was they were very up front about the cost. I was given a detailed sheet with all the levels of care, what was included, and the cost for each service. No other place did that. They also actually listened to my opinions as to what level of care I felt my mom needed. This also helped when determining the cost. Other places would start out at the "cheapest" level and then re-evaluate as needed, so the cost could go up dramatically in a short time. The tour was very thorough and I did not get the feeling that anything was hidden from me. As of 9/2013 my mom has been a resident there. I am very pleased with the care. I like the fact that they keep the same attendants as much as possible with my mom. The communication with the all of the staff is excellent. I highly recommend this place for anyone who needs help with care of a loved one.

I visited a family friend here several times. The grounds were off of the main road in a pretty wooded area. The assisted-living facility was welcoming and clean on the inside. The staff were very friendly. There were many activities available for the residents, and various themed dinners and experiences were planned on a monthly basis. I was very impressed with the respect that seemed to be given to the residents. One of the best assisted-living communities I have visited.

I visited a part of Woodhaven Retirement which was called Woodpointe independent living apartments. It was very nice, it had options, and you can do the home investment program, or the home rental program. The environment was very nice, it's in a wooded area, they have prepared meals if you want them, and they take you places if you need to go.

The care givers are caring and very helpful. Always nice to the patients and always wiling to answer my questions. Very patients. I have seen them give the patients hugs every time i have been there.

My husband is already in Woodhaven and it's excellent. They have three separate units. They have assisted living, health services and memory services. He is in the health services facility where they have 24-hour nursing care. When he had a stroke and ended up being paralyzed on his right side, I moved him into the building next door so it takes me 2 minutes to walk from my apartment to the building just to be able to be with him. We're set off like in the woods where you cannot see us from the street.

My Father was wheeled in after recovering from a Massive Heart Attack and then hit with Pneumonia... He was pretty much off his feet for 2 Months! This is the Place You want to handle Your Loved One!! The Staff is Knowledgeable and On Top Of It! Medical Staff is Great and come Often. Rehab is Excellent and they will make you Work to get Healthy again... Management Staff are Very Caring People and Will Work With You! The Place is Clean and Top Notched! Meals Smell, Taste and look Great! The Setting/Environment is Comfortable and Relaxed. I am on my way to take my Father Home in a few minutes of this writing. He will be Walking Out of this Facility after two and a half weeks of rehab!

My mother-in-law is currently there. We have found the staff willing to listen to our comments and suggestions are implemented about as well as can be I think. Like most places, the staff is spread thin enough that residents' buzzers may not get answered immediately, but generally they are looked after well. The activities are frequent and efforts are made to involve residents that can participate. When visiting, noticing any offending odor is rare. I do my mother-in-law's laundry, and find she is dressed in clean clothes daily. A pressure sore she has from sitting has been treated on and off successfully. They are attentive to her physical and mental care.

The people at Woodhaven were like 85 years old and older, and I did not think it would be a good fit for my husband who is in his early 60’s, but the facility was very nice, and they were very good. The staff was very helpful, very nice, friendly, and accommodating. The rooms were good. A mother of a friend was there for 10 years, and she had recommended that place. I think they had activities like bingo, birthday parties, movie nights, and arts and crafts.

Woodhaven Retirement Community seemed to take excellent care of the people there. They have several spaces for communal interaction. All the people there seemed to be happy and moving around. The rooms are single bedrooms, a little small, but reasonably-sized. The price is dependent on the level of care you need, like if you don't need as much care, it's closer to $4,000 a month, and if you need a lot of care, it's closer to $5,000 a month. The staff seemed nice. The place itself was clean and had good lighting.

My mother is at Woodhaven in Livonia. She is in an assisted living right now, but she can have rehab there. We haven't been there that long yet, but they are very friendly and attentive people. The place is clean. My mother has a private room that has its own bathroom in it. We were also able to get her a refrigerator. It is clean, too. They have more activities, and she has participated in a few of them. They have a library and a rehab section. Their price is about average.

Our mom has been a resident at Woodhaven for over a year now. We are THANKFUL each day that she is there! The front office staff are nice, knowledgeable and are available at all times to answer any questions, or always get you in touch with the right person as needed. The whole staff from top to bottom have been quick to help, solve any issues-which have been few, and work together in the best interest of our mom. The care conferences with Alison are informative and appreciated. The facility is always clean and being cleaned, there hasn't been a day where we have not seen their custodial staff working hard! Our mom loves the food, the dining staff are always helpful and really nice to make sure her dietary needs are met. If we want something for her, you just need to ask. We think the most important thing is her continuity with her aides, and her nurses. Diane and Sheila just to name a few.! They truly know our mom and care for her too! We know and trust that when we walk out the door, that she is okay and being well taken care of! We know that if there was a concern about our mom, they will be on it, and we would be notified immediately. This is so important and we just can't say it enough. The activities are plentiful each day, even though our mom can't do everything, Tammy and Tracy include her as much as possible and they are sweet, kind, and super nice! We as a family are blessed by the level of care that Woodhaven provides not only to our mom, but ALL the residents, for we see it on a daily basis from the entire staff. Thank you for allowing us this opportunity to voice our opinion. We hope it is helpful to other families. Jill H.

They get your loved ones back on their feet. Great staff.

I honestly don't even know where to start. The staff at Woodhaven were amazing for my mothers rehabilitation and nursing. After 15 days in the hospital my mother was transferred here. I was skeptical at first just hearing horror stories of nursing homes. This place is awesome. The nursing staff and aides were always right on top of everything and so friendly to us all. Thank you!!

The physical and occupational therapy staff are angels. I cannot thank them enough for everything that they taught my mom and the level of care the provided her. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

We had to find a place for my Mom a few years ago. This facility really helped take care of my Mom in her last few days. They treated her with the dignity and respect she deserved. She always had nothing but wonderful things to say about the staff. Thank you for treating my Mom so well!

Hello, my name is Cheril Hartman. We moved my Dad into Independent Living at Woodpointe Retirement Community April of 2013. He had a beautiful one bedroom apartment. He was very happy there and made friends quickly ~ as the residents are so friendly. The staff is superb! He was able to go on day trips to movies, baseball games among other things. He had a very ample storage unit and a heated garage. This past month we had to move him to the next building over ~ Woodhaven to Assisted Living. Again he is making friends quickly plus already knew some of the people from Woodpointe. Everyone from the directors to all their staff have been wonderful as they have helped him and us make the transition. The food is excellent ~ he has three meals a day in one of dining rooms. The nutritionist did a great job of working out the balance he needed. He has been as busy as a bee ~hasn't even been watching TV. There is always something fun going on ~such as a birthday or Valentines party, a dog show, field trips, bingo and much more. Doctors are available and come often. The nurses and CNAs are helpful and caring!! We are out of town on and off to visit our children and grandbaby ~ with having our Dad living in this community we feel as if family is caring for him. Another very nice feature is they offer total continuum of care ~ enhanced living and skilled nursing. Five stars is the limit I could give them ~ If I could have rated them with more ~ I certainly would have done it!!

Two years ago my husband and I needed to find a retirement community that would allow my father-in-law to live independently and would also provide full memory service care for my mother-in-law. We found their new home at Woodhaven and Woodpointe Retirement Community. It was particularly important to find a quality and caring home for them that we could trust because we live in another state and knew we would not be able to check on them frequently. We have been very pleased with the level of care Mom receives. On the infrequent occasions that she has had a medical concern, we have been alerted immediately so we could participate in her care. When we visit, the staff seems to genuinely like her. Dad lives next door in a lovely apartment and is able to dine with her every evening. We have also found that Woodpointe offers all the amenities Dad needs to live by himself, including cleaning and laundry services.

Mom has been going to day care here for a couple of years and it has added so much life to her years, I bring her in the morning and mom forgets that she's old, its like going to school and seeing all her friends. Unfortunately mom needs rehab right now because she's so weak and I have faith in the staff because in my opinion its the best staff ive ever seen. Please get mom back on her feet. My mom is Yumie and everybody treats her like she's a starr. Thank yu

Wonderful facility, my loved one is gone but I still enjoy going back for visits. The staff is like family and the owner even sponsored my friends bike event. They are all very involved with their community inside and outside of the facility.

My siblings and I moved our elderly parents into Woodhaven in 2014 after being on the wait list for some time. We were fortunate in that an independent living apartment opened up soon after an accident that our mom had necessitated a move. We ended up using their rehabilitation facility for my Mom prior to her permanent move to her apartment. The entire experience from our first contact with Woodhaven, periodic updates, renovation of the available apartment and finally the move were absolutely 100% professional and seamless. The staff has been attentive and kind. The facility itself is also top notch with well kept grounds and a spotless interior. Thank you Woodhaven!

My mother loved the attention and care that she received at Woodhaven. My family and I loved this Christian community. Mom's health improved dramatically. I highly recommend Woodhaven Retirement Community.

My 95 year old mother has been at Woodhaven RC for just over a year now. Prior to that she had lived at two other facilities in the area. By far Woodhaven has given her the best care and living environment. Prior experiences: frequent staff turnovers. Woodhaven experience: stable, caring staff. Prior experiences: it is a business. Woodhaven experience: we're a family. Prior experiences: located on a busy street where all you hear and see is traffic racing by. Woodhaven experience: Quiet, wooded location where you watch the deer stroll by.

Recently had a client at this facility and was totally impressed with how everything was handled - from the administrator and front office to the clinical team. Top notch and thoughtful care!

I am a retired RN and 4 years ago I was looking for an assisted living facility for my 94 year old Aunt. I looked at many facilities and chose Woodhaven Retirement Community. I am so glad I did. She has now been living there for these past 4 years. She has lived in the Assisted Living area, the Skilled Care area (Health Services) and is now living in the Enhanced Assisted Living area (Memory Care). She has had many changes in her condition throughout the years and Woodhaven has been able to accommodate all of her needs along the way. The staff members have all been great. They know how to work with the elderly resident population very well. The dietary staff is also very professional. They take pride in their work and get to know the food likes and dislikes of each individual resident. As a bonus – the food is excellent! The administrative staff is extremely responsive to any issues that need to be handled at a higher level, and are wonderful at making suggestions to make your loved one’s stay more pleasant and personal. Even the Housekeeping and Laundry service personnel l are exceptionally meticulous in their work and very respectful to the residents. I could not be happier with the choice to move my Aunt to Woodhaven and I would not have any problem recommending Woodhaven to anyone who is looking for any level of living for their loved one.

I've worked at many nursing homes while being a CNA and I have to say that this was the only one the consistently kept supplies, linen, events for staff and thorough meetings to better the environment of not only the staff but the residents we care for. Janet is constantly progressive and wants new ways to improve the facility and I appreciate that because that means she listens to our opinions and thoughts. Rarely did I feel stressed enough to not give a resident a smile because the team felt supportive enough to help and that's definitely decreases CNA burn out (which has happened A LOT for me).

Woodhaven Retirement Community is a wonderful place! My Mom has been there for almost a year. I can't say enough about the great care and compassion she receives from everyone at Woodhaven. From the management team, who knows her by name, to the excellent care provided by the nurses and caregivers. I would recommend this place to all my friends, co-workers and family.

I have had a family friends father have a stay at Woodhaven Retirement Community and he received excellent care! The staff was attentive and answered his call light promptly and not only that the nurses and aides along with dietary staff and housekeeping were always caring. The food was also good and they accommodated anyway they could for him. It is a cozy homelike environment and not like a hospitaland it sits back in a beautiful wooded area too. If your loved one needs a facility to rehab in Woodhaven would be the one for sure! We appreciate everything they did! 😊❤️

We are so pleased with the personal attention and quality of care mom consistently gets every day! The staff makes an effort to get to know each resident. We couldn’t be happier with all the activities Woodhaven has to offer. We are relieved that our mom is happier and feels safer than she felt at another skilled nursing facility. Mom loves Woodhaven!

Best place to recover from a complicated injury (mine was an open leg fracture) - always patient nurses, fun activities, excellent meals. Also made friendships that continued long after my time there was complete. I took a lot of comfort in knowing a dear friend who resided in a Woodhaven Assisted Living apartment had the absolute best quality of life in her final months, weeks and eventually days with care tailored just for her provided in deluxe accommodations.

Exceptional care and environment. Light years ahead of most others in the Livonia/Farmington Hills area. I highly recommend it. Go in person and start the process early. There is a wait to get into this facility.

This has to be one of the best retirement homes I have been to. Did a great job with my great uncle Palazzolo. Thank you and five stars for cleanliness, smiling faces and prompt service.

Thank you for the wonderful Thanksgiving dinner you put on for the residents and their families. The tables looked beautiful,the food was plentiful and delicious and the entire staff who served us was so friendly! We all had such a nice time! Everything I would hope to find for my mother in an assisted living environment is here at Woodhaven! These wonderful,caring people are an answer to a prayer!

My mom was placed here after her hip replacement surgery. This place was awesome! They are an extremely well coordinated team .Their social worker down to the nurses and administration did a great job of taking care of my mom. They knew who she was before she arrived. They review everything with the family and kept me in their communications. The patient is well cared for. I cannot express appreciation enough. Thank you Woodhaven. Thank you.